Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The toughest and grittiest '70s mags that never existed

Beginner vigilantes! Kick-ass crackers! Motocross accessories! Honest cops!

Seventies pop-culture authority Mike Malloy has been trying his hand at magazine cover design -- and dreaming up the most absurdly limited-appeal magazines to have never come out of the decade.

They're for sale on etsy (these designs are toughening up that site), and they look good in cheap, beat-up 9x11 (not 8x10) thrift-store frames.

Thusly, they make good Christmas gifts, especially if you know a beginner vigilante who has bare wall space that needs filling.

These are the first four designs in the series. More to come, and if there's significant interest, many more -- maybe even customs.